In 1989, as the Soviet Union crumbled, historian Francis Fukuyama now infamously proclaimed “the end of history”. His reasoning was that now that humanity had witnessed the unparalleled success of Liberal Democracy no reasonable person could possibly desire anything other than liberty and nothing could challenge the succ...


Yesterday, within the venerable halls of the NSW Parliament, One Nation’s Mark Latham gave his maiden speech as a NSW Member of Parliament.

"No Australian should be fearful of proclaiming four of the most glorious words of our civilisation: I am a Christian."

Stirring and war like words from a man who has positioned hi...


During the Holocaust, one of the many cruelties inflicted upon the unfortunate souls that found themselves within a Nazi Concentration Camp, was the possibility of being included in one of the often fatal medical experiments carried out by the regime’s doctors.

Unimaginable horrors were performed on captives in the name o...


Credit where credit’s due, there is something that Trump has right about North Korea. If the Hermit Kingdom was to suddenly declare peace with the World and open up its borders to international investment then it would undoubtedly lead to a dramatic improvement in the living standards of its people.

What Trump doesn’t und...


It’s confusing, dynamic and has a perpetually shifting focus. So don’t feel bad if you’re struggling to keep up with the whole ‘Trump/Russia thing’. If it was a Netflix series there would be Reddit forums full of fans suggesting hidden meanings in the twist and turns, whilst choosing their favourite characters from an un...


I am a white middle class man. I have never existed within the confines of an oppressed people. Whilst anyone could feasibly be racist or sexist towards me it simply doesn’t occur within the context of historical institutionalised discrimination. It is generally either easy for me to laugh off or simply remark at as an o...


The last 5 years have seen possibly the greatest existential crisis for progressive liberal democracy since the 1930s and the World War that followed. From the ashes of a global recession and with the undeniable threat of international communism, Europeans en masse turned to demagogues hailing the still youthful concept...


So after spending only 5 weeks travelling through India it would be fair to say I have not earned sufficient experience or insight to provide a critique of India's geopolitical and social challenges, there are experts who have dedicated their life to predicting how this ancient culture, tasked with building a fledgling n...


Hello America, I’m an Australian. Ever since the 2nd World War when you guys came to our shores to help us push back the Japanese (we actually do really appreciate that) we've basically been like your little brother.

We've listened to your music, we’ve picked up all your trends, we’ve followed you into every war you've...


American physicist Steven Weinberg wrote “In the ordinary moral universe...  The good will do the best they can.  The worst will do the worst they can. But if you want to make good people do wicked things, you’ll need religion”.

This statement encapsulates my concern at having any person holding strong and sincere re...


I once had a University Professor who explained to me why so many people, that were otherwise placid, tend to get road rage at the most trivial of instigations. He explained to me that because we interact with the car instead of the person we lack that vital human connection to experience empathy with our fellow road use...


Belief without evidence, empowerment through possession of revealed truths, and the surrendering of the ability to critically assess one's own convictions. What was once the hallmarks of the fledgling religious community today is the theme of the chat boards and online echo chambers that create and propagate conspiracy t...


As political pundits around the World regain their feet after the events in Helsinki, it is increasingly plausible that the curious, ambiguous, and obfuscated relationship between President Trump and President Putin will end up being the greatest scandal of a generation.

Yes there is a possibility that it is entirely the...


“Men are raping”  these three words started a discussion that lasted over an hour. A friend was enraged by it, to him it implied the obvious unjust and inaccurate statement that all men are rapists. It is reasonable for a man, who believes he would never disrespect a woman let alone harm her, to feel insulted if he has b...


The cruelest part of being a student of history is irreversibly learning that cruelty reigns unchallenged by karma, justice is an imagined reality, heroes are rare and villains many. The pages of the human story are saturated with tragedy and only occasionally punctuated with true unchallenged happiness. It is clear ther...

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