In the Soviet Union, at the height of the enforced collectivisation program that drove a country to near starvation, there was a direct route to the gulag prisons for any person who dared suggest the cause of the famine was in any way due to the government itself.

The accepted thinking was that the institution of the Soci...


Ok, let’s get the obvious out of the way. Iran is an oppressive theocratic regime. Women risk prison for not wearing a hijab and there are hundreds of political prisoners that would testify about the lack of freedom within its borders.

However the U.S.A. has never had a real problem with dictatorships. Just across the Per...


Every morning the first thing I do as I lay in bed is check Twitter, what has he tweeted. My YouTube suggested videos are all political news stories on him. I spend my entire commute to work reading stories on him. I am obsessed with Trump. Not in a good way, but in an “Oh my God this has to stop” kind of way.

It’s a stat...


The population needs guns as a defence against a tyrannical government. This is why the Second Amendment was implemented. This is why it remains in place. Right?

Proponents of the Second Amendment salivate at the opportunity to educate us on the historical tragedies that could have inevitably been avoided by the existence...


“I don’t agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”, the immutable words attributed (albeit incorrectly) to Voltaire remains the catch cry of all that defiantly defend the cause of free speech, and it is a cause for which I will lend my heartfelt support at any turn.

The freedom to speak...


I exist within a demographic that would suggest the greatest threat to my life today is the crippling burden of my own unbearable thoughts. I have no fear of hunger, nor war, yet the inescapable emptiness of existence proves so terrifying in its persistence that for any Australian under 45 it is the single greatest threa...


We’ve seen it all before, countless times. The room is filled with cameras, crammed in from every corner hoping for that perfect shot. As the subject enters the flickers and flashes flutter out of control, a sound and sight that has become synonymous with this unholy ritual.

The fallen hero is led out and is expected to r...


No you’re not woke, you’re not more open minded, you haven’t somehow escaped the brainwashing chemtrails that have somehow afflicted every intelligent person on the planet… you’re an idiot.

Firstly, just look around at the intellectual company you keep. Not one respected academic, journalist, politician,... heck respected...


As an act it is the most basic and incontrovertible standard of evil. It is so universally abhorrent that there is not a legal system in the world that doesn’t seek to punish its purveyors.  It is so irrefutably indefensible that even in the brutal theatre of war it earns its own merit as a ‘War Crime. Yet not one of the...


It's that time of year again when non-homophobic straight people across Australia post their well wishes to their LGBT friends as we afford them a temporary monopoly over Oxford St and it's surrounds whilst we retreat to a safe distance, watching on as voyeurs to the spectacle of Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

But as I took...


From the moment Trump first entered the political fray I tried my best to engage with those that identified themselves as his supporters. Not for the sake of conflict but for the sincere urge to understand how any educated person could feel any affinity towards a man that for most of the world induced only derision. It w...


To begin with I just want to make this totally clear. I do not want to be some self righteous Aussie lecturing Americans how to run their country. You guys have a pretty damn amazing nation you have built yourself there. I have lived and studied there, I love its people, I love its culture.  

I understand there a lot of r...


There is a long-standing precedent in Common Law that stipulates the prosecution cannot raise the character of the defendant unless the defendant raises it first. The concept rests on the principle that a person’s character is not relevant to the fact of whether or not they committed an offence unless they make it releva...


As the Liberal Party proudly boast of the inclusion amongst their ranks of distinguished Retired Army General Jim Molan, an unelected soldier parachuted into the Australian Senate, it is forgivable to find oneself obliging to the school of thought that great military leaders somehow equates to good political leaders.



Ok, just bear with me here… for the sake of my family and friends I assure you that this piece is going to be very light on detail on any actual act, in fact it all begins after the act, the first act to be exact.

It was actually the day after the aforementioned act, I was at High School in my very early teens. The night...

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