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If you think 9/11 was a false flag attack... you're an idiot.

No you’re not woke, you’re not more open minded, you haven’t somehow escaped the brainwashing chemtrails that have somehow afflicted every intelligent person on the planet… you’re an idiot.

Firstly, just look around at the intellectual company you keep. Not one respected academic, journalist, politician,... heck respected anything believes 9/11 was a false flag attack. There isn’t a university or academic institution in the world that deemes it an even remotely legitimate subject of intellectual inquiry, and this is in an age where students can study Harry Potter and get a credit for it.

Yet you and a bunch of semi-employed men working with YouTube channels (that you help fund with your insatiable desire for 5 minute Windows Movie Maker productions) feel you have somehow become gatekeepers of the truth that has eluded everyone else. Of all your cohorts that share your conspiratorial beliefs ask yourself, how many of them have University Degrees? Many Post-Graduates or Professors amongst them? Don’t tell me, I know the answer. But it’s ok, that doesn’t matter, because you have all found something you are an expert in, this ridiculous fictional conspiracy theory.

So let’s look at the hypothesis shall we. According to you:

Less than one year into his first year as President George W Bush hatched a plan that was so evil and grand in its stature that it is beyond precedent in human history. Yes, Bush, the guy whose grasp on the English language was the subject of perpetual ridicule and was generally accepted as “not the brightest President we’ve ever had” is the mastermind or at the very least an integral part of the conspiracy.

Now at some stage in his first year in office he starts recruiting people for his evil plan, and his capacity to read a person’s character must be unparalleled because out of the thousands of people he will have had to recruit for this project, not a single one stopped and said “wait you want me to what?” (Either that or they successfully instantly killed every person who said no before they could tell anyone else).

The thousands of people across multiple arms of Government and the private sector all have to have that exact level of psychopathy to be willingly complicit in the mass slaughter of innocent people for the advancement of Bush’s foreign policy without a single one having even the slightest change of heart, death bed confession, or turn of conscience.

In addition every single one must have been paid incredibly handsomely as any one of them could have sold the story for millions to literally any media outlet in the world. Yet over all this time not a single one of the literally thousands of complicit members has spoken a word to anyone.

Of course as you would point out the global media is part of the conspiracy right? Every single one. Every struggling journalist across the world that graduates with a communications degree, earning less than $40,000 a year desperately looking for anything resembling a story to advance their career in the slightest have all taken a similar oath of silence, swearing never to investigate, report on, or to otherwise assist in the concealing the true events of 9/11. All of whom have similarly managed to maintain their oath of silence until their death, never once revealing the burden of their professional obligations to a friend or family member… ever.

So with thousands of civil servants across multiple agencies and the entire world media on board the scene was set. The plan? Stage a terrorist attack that would inevitably be the most filmed (and therefore easily scrutinised) event in history, have it carried out by a bunch of Saudi Arabians and Egyptians (creating an awkward diplomatic situation with America’s two strongest Arab allies), have the mastermind be a well known Sheik living in Afghanistan, increase his already heroic stature amongst Jihadis to ‘legend status’, use it as a pretext to invade a nation with absolutely no natural resources, completely destabilise a nuclear (and allied) Pakistan, then gradually manipulate public opinion with disinformation to eventually have large parts of the US population mis-associate the 9/11 attacks with Saddam Hussein, therefore creating a reasonably strong argument to invade Iraq, even though the official reason is to find Weapons of Mass Destruction that you know the Iraqi Military will deliberately obfuscate about having for their own complex geopolitical reasons.

Bush could have organised the actual attack to have looked like it came from Iraq therefore creating broad public support and a unified global coalition willing to join in the invasion (like they had for Afghanistan) but the plan worked best if crucial NATO allies would refuse to support the conflict and hundreds of thousands of people protest in the streets against the whole ‘lack of pretext’ for war thing.

Then, after the plan is brilliantly executed Bush, who would be publicly informed about the attack looking frozen with fear whilst reading ‘My Pet Goat’ to school children, would then advance into a poorly planned occupation of Iraq, leaving Afghanistan to descend into chaos, whilst the Sheik that you have attributed the crimes to roams free for years, releasing multiple videos and speeches where he claims full responsibility for the attack, making Bush look weak for his inability to find and kill him.

Now almost 20 years later, after multiple changes of government, countless change of staff across all the complicit agencies, again not a single leaked document or hacked email. Bill Clinton couldn’t keep a semen stained dress a secret, Trump can’t sneeze without it making the front page, but this… this has been the secret everyone has kept. Snowden risked his life and fled to Russia to tell the public that the NSA was laughing at their dick pics and Assange lives in an Ecuadorian Embassy because he hacked half of the Pentagon’s hard drive, but this has so far escaped a single mention… ever.

And they would have gotten away with it too!! If it wasn’t for you and your motley crew of sleuths who know better than everyone else that is clearly more educated on every single aspect of this subject. Yet despite the fact that these conspirators have shamelessly and with little after thought slaughtered thousands of innocent people somehow they are quite happy to let you make your YouTube videos that reveal the hidden truth that could bring the whole thing down… lucky you. Even though they have geniusly orchestrated the deaths of countless important people over the years, you’re untouchable… they just can’t stop your truth bombs.

There is an alternative explanation of course… that Osama Bin Laden was a globally known militant Jihadist who had for years preached and practiced the idea of committing terrorist attacks against the USA and their allies. That he managed to identify security flaws in the aviation industry and committed a terrorist attack against the same target that he already attacked in 1993. That since that day we have seen countless examples of similar terrorist attacks against western targets, all based on a similar ideology with similar objectives. That Bush manipulated public sentiment after 9/11 to generate support for an invasion of Iraq (despite not being associated with 9/11), a move that angered allies and has been described by many as one of the biggest foreign policy mistakes in US history.

But no… whilst every person known around the world for their intelligence accepts this narrative as logical, feasible, well documented, and factual… you refuse to believe it, because you’re an idiot.

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