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The Unsettling Reality of the Unknown

Whether or not you believed him, I believe that, in the absence of new evidence arising, he has done enough to save his job.

There will be a large section of the electorate that believe him and feel deeply sorry for him.

There will be a large section of the electorate that consider him a rapist.

There will also be a significant amount of Australians that have accepted the fact they just don't know.

The reality is, where you sit here will inevitably be influenced by your lived experience, your preconceptions of Porter, and undeniably your political and ideological persuasions.

As shallow as that sounds, the fact is we all lack sufficient evidence to KNOW he is guilty or innocent, so it is natural for us to rely on those human instincts to guide us.

However, the lack of consequence is a direct result of this lack of certainty.

Personally, based on a few entirely circumstantial clues, I suspect he probably did it. But I have no genuine evidence to back up that entirely subjective suspicion so am left to ponder the plausible possibility that I am wrong. What if he is innocent?

If he is innocent, he has no mechanism available to prove it. The absolute unfairness of this is not made ok because I find the subject of the unfairness personally contemptible.

In the absence of any new evidence, I see no probative value arising from an inquiry. The historic nature of the offence means any new evidence is highly unlikely.

To anyone who has worked in law enforcement, this notion of apparent injustice is nothing new. Most Police must learn to be at peace with the fact that not everything is knowable. Our world remains an uncertain one, many questions remain unanswered when we leave it.

As I said yesterday, if you believe strongly in his guilt, the primary remedy available to you is your democratic voice. Not just to vote, but to protest and speak to anyone who will listen.

To all those that are victims, I can only imagine how deeply unsettling the last few weeks have been for you. I cannot empathise with your experience but only plead that you seek to look after yourself more than anything.

Do whatever you have to to continue to survive.

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